Raindrops on window

Eastern Sierra Precipitation Is, Literally, Off the Charts

Rain and snow numbers in the Eastern Sierra have now officially broken previous records with
57.8 inches of water content, 275-percent of normal to date, surpassing the previous wettest
year, 2016-17.

Once again, precipitation numbers in Big Pine top the charts at 298-percent of normal to date
and 21.3 inches of rainfall. Big Pine is followed closely by Bishop at 285-percent of normal with
13.16-inches. From Cain Ranch to South Haiwee, rainfall totals are all in double digits.

These numbers do not reflect the storm that started Tuesday and drizzled its way through

All this good news comes with an obvious downside, especially in Mono County and Mammoth
Lakes where residents have to dig themselves out of their houses and get the heavy weight of
snow off of their roofs. The potential of avalanches threatens Lee Vining and Mono City. Inyo
County has suffered damage to roads and bridges.

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