Eastern Sierra Music Festival seeks local military photos

Press release

Eastern Sierra Music Festival seeks photos of local active duty service members, and their families, to share during the July 22-23 country music festival.

The photos will be part of a video montage aired on a large screen overlooking the event stage. The video will play between artists each night of the July 22-23 festival held in Bishop.

Eastern Sierra Music Festival is looking for three specific styles of photos:

1. A copy of the active duty member’s service photograph;
2. An action shot of the service member, and;
3. A photograph of him or her in uniform with their family.
Please include a few sentences about where the service member is from, where he or she is stationed, and what their active duty job is.

Questions or photo submissions can be sent to [email protected].

For more information about the Eastern Sierra Music Festival, please visit wwmusicfest.org or visit us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Eastern Sierra Music Festival benefits The National Wounded Warrior Center set to be built in Mammoth Lakes by Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra.


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