It was reported that local artist and man of many talents and achievements, Skandar Reid, died after a sudden illness several days ago and was found dead at his home in Bishop by concerned friends.

It is hard to find the words to describe Skandar in just a few words. He had so many talents, being an artist was just one of them.  Even calling him eclectic doesn’t come close to describing his vivacious, sparkling personality, creativity, enthusiasm, and many talents. In many ways, he was a modern Renaissance Man. He was also a very nice guy…and very generous with his time and talent.

Skandar was a photographer, videographer, a painter, sculpture artist, and a digital artist. He was a writer of children stories. He hiked and climbed. He had a spiritual side. On his Facebook page he referred to himself as a “Vibrational alchemist.” He could be quirky, funny, entertaining, and he was always energetic, which is what makes it hard to process his loss.

Skandar Reid local artist died.

When Sierra Wave first heard of his loss and received confirmation, we began calling a few of his friends for their reaction. It was immediate and devastating as many did not know that Skandar had died. Most simply could not believe it. Even at the Sierra Wave radio station where Skandar had done work with us over the years, all of us are shocked and saddened.

Some of Skandar’s work can be viewed on his Facebook webpage and on the website

This post is not meant to be an obituary, but an acknowledgment of the great loss felt by many. Frankly, all of us in the local news media have reacted with shock at his loss. It was so completely unexpected. Over the next few days, Sierra Wave will attempt to put together some thoughts of Skandar’s many friends and many accomplishments.

Please join us online at and share your thoughts and memoires in honor of this great friend to many.

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