Eastern Sierra Clear of Egg Recall

With the national news spotlight focused on a recall of 228 million eggs, it appears that the Eastern Sierra is in the clear.

News sources have circulated an Associated Press story that documents the recall of 228 million eggs linked to a salmonella outbreak that has sickened at least 266 Californians and seven people in Minnesota. The suspect eggs come from a supplier in Iowa.

Here in the Eastern Sierra, local grocery stores report that they have not had to recall any eggs from their shelves. One of the brands in question, Lucerne, is sold at Vons, but grocery staff there report that eggs that Vons sells here are not from the same supplier as the supplier involved in the recall. This includes Vons in Mammoth Lakes as well as the Bishop store.

Manor Market doesnt sell the recalled eggs and Monte Williams at Josephs Bi-Rite in Bishop says that his stores dont buy from the Iowa based supplier either. Williams explained that the eggs he sells are grown in California and adds that the recalled eggs sold in California are mostly being sold at the big box retailers.

Inyo County Environmental Health Director Marvin Moscowitz reports that his staff has not found any of the suspect lot numbers in Inyo County stores. Omelets are back on as Moscowitz says, We’re okay for now.



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