DWP Still Willing to Meet on Klondike

Inyo Supervisors threw in the towel when they discontinued their Klondike Lake subcommittee and declined to go on with efforts to help citizens gain access to the lake. DWP officials say they are willing to meet with citizens on this issue.klondike_lake__boat

As we had reported, a first amendment group demanded that the Supervisors hold open meetings of the Klondike Subcommittee, based on the Brown Act. Instead, they got rid of the committee altogether.

DWP’s Clarence Martin did say he would have been willing to hold the meetings in open session with defined topics that would make for productive discussions. Martin said that he was willing to continue meeting with members of the Save Klondike Lake Committee.

DWP had closed access of Klondike to water ski craft out of concern for invasion by the Quagga Mussel. Negotiations led to access for water ski boats Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays with restricted hours for access during the summer.

Martin said whatever plans evolve must make business sense for DWP.


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