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BISHOP – The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) released the draft 2016 Annual Owens Valley Report that identifies water available for uses in Owens Valley and for export to Los Angeles.

LADWP will meet its commitment for in-Valley uses this runoff year. In-Valley uses listed in the report include irrigation on City of Los Angeles owned lands, Stockwater, Enhancement/Mitigation and other environmental projects, Lower Owens River Project, Owens Lake, Recreation, Tribal lands, and other commitments. Exports to Los Angeles are anticipated to be approximately half of what is delivered in a normal year.

The Eastern Sierra region is in its fifth consecutive year of extreme drought, with final Eastern Sierra snow surveys from April 1 showing snowpack readings at 63 percent of normal. Runoff is forecasted at 71 percent of normal for runoff year 2016-17.

The final version of the annual report is expected in mid-May.

To view the draft operations report in full, visit


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