DWP Manager Considers Retirement

One of the major political players in Los Angeles has headed the LADWP since 2004. Ron Deaton's power plays may end as he considers his health and possible retirement.ron_deaton.jpeg

The Los Angeles Times had this to say about Deaton, "If anyone has been a symbol of unseen power and influence at Los Angeles City Hall, it's Ron Deaton, a 42-year bespectacled bureaucrat who built a formidable reputation by getting the city's elected leaders to do what he told them."

The Times goes on to describe a "behind-the-scenes drama" involving Deaton, his doctos and LA Mayor Villaraigosa – over whether the 64 year old Deaton will leave his spot as General Manager of DWP.

Deaton suffered severe heart arrhythmia while on vacation in Costa Rica. Sources said that Deaton could decide his future as soon as this week. As we had reported last week, LA news sources said that former Water and Power Commissioner David Nahai, who is also seen as a close ally of the Mayor, quit his spot on the Commission, possibly to position himself for appointment to the General Manager spot.

The Times' story says that Deaton confirmed that he has been very seriously looking at retirement. From 1993 to 2004, Deaton served as the city's chief legislative analyst, engineering a number of successful bond measures.

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