inyo_courthouseThis morning a DWP crew accidentally cut a SuddenLink fiber optic line in an area south of Big Pine. This accident caused internet and television and some phone service to go out in Independence. As a result, a jury trial had to be continued.

Court Administrator Tammy Grimm confirmed that the incident with the fiber optic line took out SuddenLink phones, internet and television service. The Edward Keller jury trial was scheduled to start today in Independence with jury selection. Jurors summoned were excused and the trial was continued until Wednesday. Grimm said that workers could not communicate internally and could not access court documents from the case management computer system. This also impacted the court case management system in Bishop.

SuddenLink said that crews were at work on the problem and hoped to have internet and other services in Independence restored some time today. Ms. Grimm added that other county government operations were impacted by the black out of internet and phone services.

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