Dusty Shores

Strong winds and cold rushed into the Owens Valley Tuesday. By 9 AM the Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District had issued a Stage 1 Health Advisory for Keeler, on the edge of the Owens Dry Lake. The notice from the GBUAPCD said, “Due to elevated particulate pollution levels, children, the elderly, people with heart or lung problems, or people with current illnesses such as the flu, are advised to stay indoors and avoid strenuous outdoor activities in the dust-impacted area.” By 10 AM a Stage 2 Health Advisory went out for Keeler and Olancha.

The APCD did issue orders for LADWP to continue the dust clean-up at the lake. Days like this confirm there is still work to do. In fact, DWP has to do some clean-up work by April 1st with more required by October. LADWP Chief David Freeman had hoped to hurry up a plan to use solar panels to keep the dust down. The State Lands Commission will allow an 80-acre pilot project. Freeman had worked to test solar panels in wind tunnels to see if his idea will really work. Meanwhile, requirements from APCD stand.


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