Main St. Mammoth could see more major changes in the future. The planning process toward that end has moved ahead.main_st.-mam

The framework for the Main Street Neighborhood District Plan, now labeled the Downtown Neighborhood District Plan, was approved by the Town Council at the Sept. 16 meeting. This framework consists of the boundary, sphere of influence, guiding principles, and preliminary issues in the planning area.

According to Town staff’s agenda bill, “The Framework provides the overall guidance for the DNDPs, defining the study area and major issues to be addressed in greater detail through the process.”

Mammoth Mountain is the applicant for this NDP. They have selected a focus group of 14 people that will work on the NDP. The participants in the focus group include Main Street business owners such as Tom Cage, as well as environmental experts such as Dan Dawson. There will also be larger, community meetings to discuss what the community wants in this planning area.

To organize and facilitate the planning of this large area, five sub-areas have been identified. Sub-area one consists of the Gateway/Civic Center, North Old Mammoth Road and the Welcome Center. Sub-area two consists of Center Street and the Post Office. Sub-area three is the Shady Rest District. Sub-area four is Mountain Boulevard and the north/commercial end of Sierra Valley Sites, and sub area five is Viewpoint Road and commercial lodging uses.

Tentative dates for the public meeting process allow for the DNDPs to be wrapped up by early 2010. The first public workshop will be scheduled for mid-October.

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