Donors For Mammoth Man Boost Blood Drive

Bishop, CA- Jan McKee with United Blood Services reports a successful blood drive in Bishop last week. With the extra donations for Mammoth resident Dennis Domaille, McKee reports that the blood drive raised about 100 units of blood more than the Bishop drive usually raises.

At the Blood drive in Bishop last week, donors could ask that their donated blood go toward Domaille, who needs extra blood to help with his treatments stemming from severe burns. McKee reports that the Bishop Community blood drive usually raises about 200 units of blood, this time donors for Dennis bumped the total to 312 for the drive.

Another blood drive is scheduled for Mammoth on October 21, 22, 23. This time the Mammoth Blood drive will be held at the Mammoth RV Park Community Room. For more information call Joanne Hunt at 914-0470 or Sara Patrick at the Mammoth Water District. That number is 934-2596 extension 279.


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