Dr. Michael Karch

Dr. Michael Karch

Disaster Preparedness Course offered 9/11 – Free to the Community  (News Release)

Dr. Karch, Orthopedic Surgeon at Mammoth Hospital will present a lecture and training on Disaster Preparedness on September 11, 2013 at Mammoth Lakes Fire Station #1 on 3150 Main Street from 6 to 9PM. The general public is highly encouraged to attend this informative lecture. Information to be presented includes review of 911 New York and Haiti disasters, mass casualty triage, injuries by ballistics, explosions and burns, as well as a crash course in personal disaster preparedness.

Dr. Karch uniquely experienced the tragic events of September 11th by treating victims of both the Pentagon and Ground Zero sites. He was one of the first physicians on site at Ground Zero and performed search and recovery and established two on site MASH units within the disaster area. His written document on mass casualty at Ground Zero was evaluated by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and served as testimony for the re-organization of emergency medical response for the Department of Homeland Security.

Dr. Karch also co-founded an organization for the purpose of medical missions. The organization is comprised of three surgical teams (Orthopedic, General Surgery, and OB/Gyn) and was designed to target remote, impoverished populations throughout the world that have limited or no access to medical care due to either their geographic isolation, lack of financial resources, or political minority status. Dr. Karch typically participates in one surgical mission each year and performs approximately 100 surgical procedures in five to seven days while in a country. Recent trips include Chiapas, Mexico, (2011) and remote region of a Nepal (2012).

For more information, please call (760)924-4128.

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