In the event of a disaster can officials in Inyo and Mono talk to each other and to officials to the South?

Assuming a State Homeland Security grant comes through, the answer is yes. According to Mono County Sheriff Rick Scholl the Mono Supervisors gave him authorization to apply for grant funds that are administered by Santa Ana.

Inyo and Mono would receive $140,450. Sheriff Scholl said that his Lieutenant Dave O’Hara and Inyo Sheriff’s Lieutenant Jim Jones have worked on this project.

Sheriff Scholl said that the money would pay for mountain top repeaters and radio communication equipment that would link Inyo and Mono and San Bernardino.

In the event of a major earthquake or other disaster, communication becomes critical. Lessons learned from the September 11th disaster and communication breakdowns have helped spur funding for emergency communication needs ever since.

To help with regional connections, Sheriff Scholl mentioned that law enforcement people from Mono and Inyo meet quarterly to discuss mutual concerns. “We all need to work together,” said Scholl.