Digital Mammograms Improve Process

At Northern Inyo Hospital, digital mammography equipment makes the diagnostic test more comfortable for women and provides a fast, efficient image. Mammograms continue to be the critical piece in early detection to stop breast cancer.

Hospital technicians perform 2,000 mammograms each year in Bishop. According to Radiology Director Marsha Winston, six technicians are on the job with a seventh on the way. The equipment and procedures are accredited and state certified.

Mammograms have a bad image with many women as a downright painful procedure, but the new digital version brings with it more comfort.

Director Winston said, Its so extremely important because mammography is the one test we can do that will let you know early if there is any sign of breast cancer. Winston said many women feel if they didn’t have breast cancer in their family, or if they eat properly or exercise, they wont get breast cancer.

Unfortunately, she said, that’s not true. As long as you have breasts, you can get breast cancer. We feel the best protection is early detection.

Winston said the hospital has a special grant program that offers substantial discounts to first time mammograms and to those who have no insurance or just catastrophic insurance.

Both Northern Inyo Hospital and Mammoth Hospital do offer digital Mammograms.

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