DFG Regulation Would Demand EIR on Private Trout Plants

As a result of a lawsuit filed by the Center of Biodiversity, the State Department of Fish and Game will consider an order that all trout farm operators prepare an Environmental Impact Report to examine 87 species of concern. Tim Alpers of Conway Ranch sent out the word on what some say could impact trout planting all over California.

Next month the State Fish and Game Commission will vote on the requirement that trout farm owners prepare an EIR on 87 plants, insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals that could be affected by planted trout. The owners, like Time Alpers, will have to foot the bill for the EIR.

The California Association for Recreational Fishing has launched a campaign to stop what they call unreasonable regulations. Their website says that Fish and Game’s new EIR rule would impose “an insurmountable inspection and certification requirement for fish stocking in public and private ponds, lakes, streams and county parks – many of which have stocked fish from state hatcheries and private aquaculture farms for more than 120 years.”

The Center for Biodiversity had claimed that planted trout eat the same insects needed by many species of birds and frogs.

Alpers and others urge citizens to contact their supervisors and legislators. The issue will come up at an Inyo County Fisheries Commission meeting Thursday at 3pm in the Bishop office of Fish and Game.


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