Mono County District Attorney Office’s news release

Follow up – Threat of School Violence

Devin White was sentenced for felony violations of Penal Code Section 71 (Threatening a School Official) and Penal Code Section 22410 (Possession of a Shuriken).

Devin White

Devin White

The Court placed Mr. White on formal probation for a period of 5 years and sentenced him to one year in custody to be served on house arrest with GPS ankle monitoring.

Mr. White was released from the jail and will remain on house-arrest until his custodial time is exhausted in October 2018.

As a term of his probation, Mr. White is not allowed on any k-12 campus in the United States. Further, his GPS monitor has specific parameters set up that will notify law enforcement automatically if he enters on any of the three school campuses in Mammoth Lakes or in areas where he is prohibited.

As a convicted felon, Mr. White is prohibited from possessing firearms for life and may not live in a house where he has access to firearms. Finally, per Mr. White’s probation terms, he will need to complete 100 hours of community service once released from house arrest and attend psychological counseling.

As a part of counseling, Mr. White will undergo another evaluation where a licensed treating psychologist/psychiatrist will outline a course of treatment for him. This evaluation will be addressed when Mr. White is due back in court on October 22, 2018.

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