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Eastern Sierra News for June 14, 2024





The additional snow and water this spring has not given Mammoth Community Water District officials the complete confidence that the town can go through the summer without water restrictions.

At a recent meeting of the water board, staff members described the potential need to consider implementation of Level 1 watering restrictions later in the summer if ground water levels continue to decline or are slow to recover.

In mid to late summer, water demands increase to meet irrigation needs at a time when surface water supplies are historically limited or not available at all. The water district staff expressed concern that low ground water supplies can put additional stress on the pumps and lead to mechanical problems.

So, if necessary, additional water restrictions may become necessary in July and August as surface water supplies are depleted and irrigation demands rise.

To save water annually, the District has gone to great lengths to set up a recycled water program for both golf courses in town. The distribution system is going in for Sierra Star and the water board did approve a short-term agreement to continue providing untreated well water to the Snowcreek Golf Course while staff works on a long-term agreement to use reclaimed water on the current and future expansion of Snowcreek golf course.