THU JUL 13 2023
Still on track for a significant heat wave late week into the weekend. The latest Water Vapor Satellite Imagery shows a potent ridge over AZ / NM, moving WNW to a position nearly overhead our Forecast Area Friday. It will carry with it 500 mb heights near 600 dm, peaking Saturday / Sunday. Temps will bring on widespread Major HeatRisk, expanding from Bishop to all of Inyo County, starting over the weekend. Residents and tourists alike should be prepared for extreme conditions this weekend, minimizing outdoor exposure as much as possible…DMATT

Your temperatures for TODAY:

Bishop: 100 / 59
Mammoth Lakes: 78 / 51
Independence: 101 / 70
Lone Pine: 100 / 74
Ridgecrest: 108 / 73
Death Valley: 119 / 91