Pretty flowers at Horshoelake.  Photo by Kathryn Watson

Pretty flowers at Horshoe Lake. Photo by Kathryn Watson

FORECAST: Owens Valley, Mammoth and Mono County 
BY: Dennis Mattinson, Weather and Atmospheric Forecaster and Sierra Wave Media


Semi – stable weather pattern for the next few days, as there is troughing over the Aleutian / Gulf of Alaska area and a summer high now meandering towards New Mexico. This creates dry conditions and above normal temperatures for our district. Now that Aleutian low will progress southward into British Columbia and by end of work week, a piece of it will break off (a cut off low) and move on to the California coast. As it does, it will bring a fetch of moisture through Northern California over the weekend. This along with warm daytime temperatures, could bring enough instability, to trigger a few thunderstorms along the higher elevations of the Sierra Crest Saturday and Sunday. With this low just clipping our area, I am not looking a much moisture or temperature relief (say a few degrees).

Site Update: We have added two more web cams for your perusal, here at One called 395 at Conway Summit, and the other 395 at Virginia Lakes Road. Access is at Mono Lake Cams under the Web Cams menu at the top right of the Home page. We will be adding many more web cams in the coming weeks. When all is said and done, we will more web cams than any other INTERNET site (great anytime, but particularly in the winter).


Today: Sunny. Highs 94 – 97 / Lows 55 – 65. Winds SE 5 – 10 mph G 20.
Friday: Sunny. Highs 92 – 95 / Lows 55 – 65. Winds S 5 – 10 mph G 25.


Today: Sunny. Highs 78 / Lows 45. Winds SW 15 – 20 mph G 25.
Friday: Sunny. Highs 77 / Lows 46. Winds SW 15 – 20 mph G 30.


Today: Sunny.  Highs 81 – 91 / Lows  34 – 44. Winds SW 10 – 15 mph G 30.
Friday: Sunny.  Highs 80 – 90 / Lows 37 – 47. Winds SE 10 – 15 mph G 30.

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