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usfsroadForecast: Owens Valley, Mammoth and Mono County
By: Dennis Mattinson, Weather & Atmospheric Forecaster
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WED  MAR 13  2013

Well todays weather will be a far cry from last Wednesday’s, which had snow in the mountains, cool temperatures and winds gusting to 60+ mph in some places. So the Owens Valley today should see daytime highs of 80 F degrees under mostly sunny skies and light winds. Likewise Mammoth should be close to 60 F degrees. All due to an amplified ridge of high pressure off the West coast which is directing storms well to our north. This nice “Spring Like” weather will persist through the weekend and into the early part of next week. Temperatures should peak today and Thursday, then drop a little (but still above normal) over the weekend as a few systems past to our north.

8 – 14 Climate Outlook: Below normal precipitation for the time period March 19th – 25th.

For the Owens Valley:

Today: Mostly sunny. Highs 81 / Lows 42. Winds SE 5 – 10 mph.
Thursday: Mostly sunny. Highs 80/ Lows 40. Winds NW 5 – 10 mph.

For the Town of Mammoth Lakes:

Today: Mostly sunny. Highs 60 / Lows 33. Winds W 5 mph.
Thursday: Mostly sunny.  Highs 59 / Lows 34. Winds SE 5 mph.

For Mono County:

Today: Mostly sunny. Highs 64 – 74 / Lows 23 – 33. Winds SW 5  mph.
Thursday: Mostly sunny.  Highs 63 – 73 / Lows 24 – 34. Winds E 5 mph.