Dennis Mattinson’s Weather Forecast

IFForecast: Owens Valley, Mammoth and Mono County

By: Dennis Mattinson, Weather & Atmospheric Forecaster

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FRI FEB 15 2013

So a little long term weather outlook here in mid-February; the next few weeks, starting next Tuesday, look to have a few more cold systems dropping down from the north into our area. Now these won’t be real big, wet systems, yet. For that we will have to wait more towards the end of February / beginning of March. But <if> our big ridge of high pressure retrograde.

farther out into the Pacific then the storm door will open to bigger, wetter storms that have better over water trajectory. Even though this is a ways out yet, it still bears talking about since we are so dependent on snow in the mountains for our economy. Time will tell. For now, that strong ridge will remain over the West Coast for dry weather and above normal temps. So, enjoy the mild sunny weather, which should last thru the weekend into Presidents Day.


Today: Mostly sunny. Highs 61 / Lows 32. Winds NW 5 – 10 mph.

Saturday & Sunday: Mostly sunny. Highs 66 / Lows 32. Winds NW 5 – 7 mph.


Today: Mostly sunny. Highs 50 / Lows 17. Winds N 5 mph.

Saturday & Sunday: Mostly sunny. Highs 47 / Lows 16. Winds NE 5 mph.


Today: Mostly sunny. Highs 47 – 52 / Lows 8 – 18. Winds N 10 mph.

Saturday & Sunday: Mostly sunny. Highs 46 – 56 / Lows 8 – 18. Winds W 5 – 10 mph.

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