Forecast: The Owens Valley, Mammoth and Mono County

By: Dennis Mattinson, Weather & Atmospheric Forecaster

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WEDNESDAY 24- AUG-2011, 6:26 AM PDT

Quite impressive cumulus development, yesterday afternoon over the Southern Sierra, from Mt. Langley up past Whitney and Russell to Mt. Williamson. With this, isolated showers developed, but no lightening. More of the same today, with continued weak instability here and there over the mountains. Temps will continue to hover around the century mark in the Owens Valley and the low 80s for Mammoth. Right now, warm temperatures will continue though out our District into the weekend.


Today: Mostly sunny becoming partly cloudy. Highs 101 and lows the upper 50s. Winds SE 5 – 15 mph.

Thursday: Mostly sunny daytime with a few clouds here and there in the evening. Highs in the upper 90s and lows in the upper 50s. Winds SE 10 – 15 mph.


Today: 20% chance of isolated showers and thunderstorms. Highs 80 and lows 51. Winds SE 5 – 15 mph.

Thursday: Sunny days and mostly clear nights. Highs 81 and lows 52. Winds SW 5 – 15 mph G 25.


Today: Partly cloudy with a slight chance of isolated showers and thunderstorms. Highs 82 – 92 and lows 42 – 52. Winds SW 10- 15 mph.

Thursday: Sunny daytime becoming partly cloudy. Highs 83 – 88 and lows 43 – 53. Winds SW 5 – 10 mph.

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