Dennis Mattinson Weather 05-04-2023

Owens Valley / Mammoth Lakes
Dennis Mattinson / Atmospheric Forecaster
Sierra Wave Media / Radio 92.5 FM 

THU MAY 04 2023
Serving as an initial kicker, that closed low off the coast, finally gets slowly pushed East over Nevada today, by an upstream Jet segment, wrapping into that atmospheric disturbance. So our Forecast Area should expect rain showers in the Owens Valley today and snow showers in Mammoth today and Friday. I would love to see Mammoth Mtn. break the 900 inch mark! And as of now it’s at 894 inches. Updates on Mammoth Mtn. snow total status and your weekend weather tomorrow…DMATT
Bishop & The Owens Valley (KBIH elev. 4221ft / 1246m)
Thursday. 30% scattered showers / T-storms. Partly sunny. Breezy. 61 / 33
Friday: 20% PM scattered showers / T-storms. Mostly sunny. Breezy. 66 / 37
The Town of Mammoth Lakes (MMH elev. 7129ft / 2172m)

Thursday: 60% snow showers —> 30%. Thunder possible. Breezy. 35 / 24
Friday: 30% snow showers. Thunder possible. Breezy. 38 / 26
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