Owens Valley / Mammoth Lakes
Dennis Mattinson / Atmospheric Forecaster
Sierra Wave Media / Radio 92.5 FM 

THU APR 20 2023
After breezy and cool weather the last few days, our warm-up begins. A weak ridge will develop along the West Coast keeping the region dry. We can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that warmer days are on their way. So nice temperatures look likely over the weekend. Now those temperatures should bring increased snow melt, with enhanced flows in creeks and streams thru the weekend…DMATT
Bishop & The Owens Valley (KBIH elev. 4221ft / 1246m)
Thursday. Sunny. 70 / 40
Friday: Sunny —> partly cloudy. 78 / 44
The Town of Mammoth Lakes (MMH elev. 7129ft / 2172m)

Thursday: Sunny. 47 / 32
Friday: Sunny —> partly cloudy. 53 / 34