Dennis Mattinson Weather 03-23-2023

Owens Valley / Mammoth Lakes
Dennis Mattinson / Atmospheric Forecaster
Sierra Wave Media / Radio 92.5 FM 

THU MAR 23 2023
After the big storm came through in Mammoth (Main Lodge picked up another 18 inches and the Summit 24 inches), we have light snow showers off and on in Mammoth for the next few days. Mammoth now has the 4th snowiest March on record! Now for the Owens Valley dry weather looks likely thru the weekend. For both Mammoth and Bishop, you can expect Winter-like temps some 15+ degrees below seasonal averages…DMATT
Bishop & The Owens Valley (KBIH elev. 4221ft / 1246m)
Thursday. Mostly sunny. 52 / 24
Friday: Sunny —> mostly cloudy. 51 / 24
The Town of Mammoth Lakes (MMH elev. 7129ft / 2172m)

Thursday: 30% snow showers. 29 / 13
Friday: Sunny —> mostly cloudy. 29 / 9
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