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Eastern Sierra News for June 18, 2024





The Owens Valley / Mammoth Lakes 
Dennis Mattinson / Weather and Atmospheric Forecaster
Sierra Wave Media / KSRW-FM 92.5 
TUE MAR 14 2023 
Another, in the long train of ARs, slams into the Sierra today, with heavy snow expected. Bands of rain look to extend across the Owens Valley as well. The bulk of heavy wet snow and rain should come today thru Wednesday. Estimated snow amounts thru Wednesday, Main 24 – 33 inches and Summit 30 inches. All this then before a brief break on Wednesday into early Friday for Mammoth and Saturday for Owens Valley. A couple of weaker storms to impact the Sierra Friday into the weekend…DMATT 
Bishop and The Owens Valley (KBIH elev. 4121 ft / 1246 m)
Tuesday: 70% rain. 57 / 37
Wednesday: Mostly sunny. 57 / 27
Town of Mammoth Lakes (MMH elev. 7129 ft / 2172 m)
Tuesday: Snow heavy at times. 36 / 28
Wednesday: 50% snow —> partly cloudy. 44 / 15