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Out with Autumn

Lenticular clouds usher in wintry storm. Photo by Andrew Kirk

The Owens Valley / Mammoth Lakes 
Dennis Mattinson / Weather and Atmospheric Forecaster
Sierra Wave Media / KSRW-FM 92.5 
TUE JAN 17 2022
Skies clear today with mostly sunny skies and cool temps. Wednesday PM a fast, narrow profile inside slider system moves in thru Thursday AM. Light, powdery snow is expected in our Forecast area in Mammoth and possibly in the Owens Valley. As Thursday progresses, partly sunny skies develop as the system moves East. Friday sees (believe it or not) high pressure building over the West Coast. More on this in Wednesday’s forecast…dmatt
Bishop and The Owens Valley (KBIH elev. 4121 ft / 1246 m)
Tuesday: Mostly sunny. 42 / 16
Wednesday: Mostly sunny —> 20% rain / snow after 10 pm. 44 / 20
Town of Mammoth Lakes (MMH elev. 7129 ft / 2172 m)
Tuesday: Mostly sunny. 26 / 6
Wednesday: Increasing clouds —> 60% snow showers 10 pm. 31 / 14