Denial is not a river in California or U.S. either, according to John Hopkins University analysis on Daily COVID-19 cases

Denial will not stop COVID-19

A commenter on Sierra Wave News “Comments” page shared this interesting information shown on a graph on New Confirmed COVID-19 Cases per Day by States/Territories from John Hopkins University. Every Californian should take note. It shows the incredible numbers of new COVID-19 cases in California by comparison to the other 51 states and territories. What the graph show is undeniable. We Americans and Californians need to wake up and face reality.

Sierra Wave felt it important to share these graphs with our readers and listeners. The continuing denial of the seriousness of this pandemic is past the point of mere silliness. It is undermining the effectiveness of the public health measures needed to stem the tides of illness and deaths being suffered in California and in the rest of the country. This is not about “fake news,” “conspiracies,” or “politics.” This is about the most serious health crisis the United States and the world has faced in over a hundred years…and yet, some people continue to make light of it by insisting it is not that big a threat.

The numbers of new COVID-19 cases in the U.S. by comparison to the rest of the world, and in California, by comparison to the rest of the country and worldwide, are startling and undeniable.


There is no doubt that the economic impact of this virus has been devastating on many small business owners, employees, and local economies and governments. The numbers, however, in this case do not lie. The critical factor is the number of ICU beds and hospital rooms for those that require medical attention in order to recover. If the country and the states hope to make it through the next few months until the currently promised vaccines can take effect on a measurable and meaningful level, citizens need to pull together, work together, and support proactive measures. It’s safe to say that most people are tired of the extremely polarizing political partisanship, and that they have had enough: Enough of the fear. Enough of the politics. Enough of the lies and deceptions. Enough of devaluing people’s lives.

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4 Responses to Denial is not a river in California or U.S. either, according to John Hopkins University analysis on Daily COVID-19 cases

  1. Tinner December 8, 2020 at 8:51 am #

    Charles, would you say this business owner is “denial of the seriousness of this pandemic”?
    Do you think she think feels “this is about “fake news,” “conspiracies,” or “politics.”
    What is she supposed to think? What would you think if you were in her shoes?
    You have to be in a place of privilege to write a story like this and limit your understanding of her situation to one sentence, she and millions of other citizens and non citizens deserve more empathy.
    Please check your privilege and tip real big!
    Watch it twice.

  2. erik simpson December 7, 2020 at 8:29 am #

    Not to downplay the seriousness of the pandemic, but the website in question also displays the same data, normalized by population. The normalized data is also very depressing, but California isn’t the worst case in the world, nor even the worst in the US. The most reliable numbers we have aren’t the number of new cases (subject to all sorts of differing testing and reporting standards), but the number of new deaths. California and Hawaii are doing better in that respect than most states (check out the Dakotas for truly terrible statistics).

    It’s a very useful website. You can use to make your own graphs, from various databases all over the world.

    • Charles James December 7, 2020 at 10:27 am #

      Thanks again, Erik. We agree the number of deaths are important, but so too are the numbers of those so sick that they need hospitalization and ICU beds. Another troubling and critical aspect of the contagion is our frontline workers in the medical field. How long can they keep up this pace? Reportedly, some are leaving from sheer exhaustion. Many are suffering from PTSD. Some have died from the virus or become seriously ill themselves from it. Many have families that they worry about at home. They don’t want to infect their loved ones.

      It has been reported that hospitals are having increasing difficulty recruiting staff, especially doctors and nurses, and this is especially true of hospitals in rural areas such as ours. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our healthcare districts, hospital workers, and all those in the medical and public health fields for the job they are doing in dealing with this hot mess. And yet there are people that continue to undermine their efforts, by “disparaging and abandoning science” according to the son of one 81-year-old doctor who died last Tuesday in Kansas, as reported in USA Today.

  3. eric hein December 7, 2020 at 2:32 am #



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