Deer on the Move Trigger Accidents

Spring puts our powers of observation to the test. A time when critters in our path can mean big trouble.

deerAt Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, CEO Rusty Gregory emailed the staff to point out that three garage employees had serious vehicle accidents with deer on Highway 395 Tuesday morning. Gregory wrote that one totaled his car and another is in the hospital with serious injuries after he hit a deer while driving his motorcycle to work.

Gregory also said that a senior manager had a collision with a deer in Mammoth a few days ago. The CEO aptly pointed out that “this is a very dangerous time on our local roadways.” Gregory asked his staff to pass the word.

Migration time does mean deer on the move. In fact, lots of wildlife seem more active right now. This message goes along with the Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care people who try to heal wild animals hit by cars.

Another wild thing to watch out for – the slithering kind. Hikers and others have reported numerous snake sitings. Russ


Photo by Russ Monroe, Lone Pine

Monroe captured images of this rattler in the Alabama Hills of Lone Pine.

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