Deena’s Victory and Other Good News

For Mammoth Lakes' Deena Kastor, it was a high adrenaline, come-from-behind victory at the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in Boston on Sunday.deenakastor2.jpg

We talked to Deena's husband, Andrew, who said one competitor, Magdalena Lewy Boulet, took everyone by surprise. He said she took out the race hard and built up a two minute lead.

Andrew Kastor said Deena went after her and passed her ahead of the finish line. Kastor finished in 2:29:35. This time was the second fastest in all of women's marathon trials history.

Unfortunately, one of their training partners, Kate O'Neil, had to withdraw from the race because of a knee injury.

The other news – 4 members of the High Sierra Striders Club raced in the Boston Marathon today (Monday). Elaine Smith finished 3:15, according to plan. Former Mammoth Mayor Rick Wood finished at 3:30. Kastor said Wood hit the wall toward the end of the race but finished with a respectable time.

Cherryl Taylor and Dan Myers finished together, as planned, at 4:16.

Andrew Kastor said he and his wife, Deena, will spend some recovery time at their home near the ocean and then back to Mammoth Lakes for the summer and more high altitude training. Three weeks before the Olympics in August, the Kastors will go to the coast of China to acclimate with the heat, humidity and time zone of China.

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