Death Valley National Park Closed Due to Active Flooding –  Turn around, don’t drown 

Death Valley National Park closed due to active flooding 

 Turn around, don’t drown 

DEATH VALLEY, Calif. – Death Valley National Park is closed due to active flooding. The park received 1 inch of rain by mid-day Sunday, with unprecedented levels of rainfall predicted over Sunday night. California Highway 190 is also closed.

Park rangers are reminding travelers to “Turn around, don’t drown.” Flash floods are rivers of mud and rocks that can easily sweep cars off roads. Emergency responders may not be able to reach people in need.

Flash floods started in Death Valley National Park on Sunday morning. Furnace Creek Visitor Center received 1.04 inches of rain by 1:30 pm. The park might receive one to three more inches of rain Sunday night. For comparison, Furnace Creek’s average annual rainfall is 2.2 inches. This unprecedented rainfall is due to Hurricane Hilary.


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