How do we link to the land around us? That’s what Rock Art does for human beings, according to David Lee, who has rockartleeresearched Native American art done on rocks in the Eastern Sierra and around the world. Lee will offer a presentation at Cerro Coso College in Mammoth this week called “Understanding Ancient Images Seeing Rock-Art Through the Eyes of the Elders.”

Lee has studied Native American rock art for 15 years and Australian rock art for the last five years. Lee has worked with Aboriginal Elders to document and to try to understand the ideas and symbolism represented by these early paintings and engravings.

On Thursday, Lee will offer a multi-media presentation using images of rock art, flora and fauna and scenery of both northern Australia and the American West. I spoke with Lee about his interest.

This Rock-Art presentation takes place Thursday, November 18th at 7pm at Cerro Coso Community College in Mammoth Lakes opposite the Ski Museum. Admission is free. All are invited.

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