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Eastern Sierra News for June 16, 2024





Most know, especially after the LA Times covered it, that Ski Area founder Dave McCoy has turned to photography, in a bigmcoy-latimes way. Now, you can check out his photos and even post comments on McCoy’s new website,

On the front page, Dave has posted many of his fascinating rock photos. The entrepreneur turned artist sees lots of things in ancient and enchanting rock formations. You can purchase photos and proceeds go to the Mammoth Lakes Foundation.

Dave picked up on photography as his new passion after the sale of Mammoth Mountain, but he’s not a new photographer. In the 1930s, Dave used a Leica camera to document the early days of Mammoth. When he left the ski resort, Dave’s friends gave him a camera that they say defined his post-management years and gave his passion for life a new outlet.

Dave has combined his love of scouting out the Eastern Sierra on his Rhinos (all-terrain vehicles) and shooting photos with his wife, Roma. Brandon Russell partnered with Dave in 2005. He organizes Dave’s photos and performs framing, archiving and photo production. Dave and Brandon run a print lab from the McCoy’s ranch in Bishop where local painter and builder Randy Myers makes frames by hand for Dave’s prints. Dave sells his best work at the Mammoth Ski Museum and at several businesses in Bishop and Mammoth. All proceeds are donated to the Mammoth Lakes Foundation.

The Foundation supports Cerro Coso Community College, creating a state-of-the-art student apartment facility, and providing scholarships to 45 local students for the 2009/10 school year.