Crimes keep Bishop police officers busy

BPD news release

On the evening of June 26, 2018, Bishop Police Officers were dispatched to a County Facility located in the City Limits regarding an investigation into the use of marijuana. Officers recovered 1.8 ounces of marijuana from the location and were able to contact and identify the subject that had been in possession of the marijuana.


During the investigation, the subject, Andrew Sexton, age 19 years of Bishop, admitted to two burglaries believed to have occurred on separate days earlier in the week. One burglary had been unreported, but officers were able to identify and contact the homeowners. Officers were able to confirm that the marijuana Sexton was in possession of had been stolen from the victims’ residence.

The second burglary resulted in the resident awaking and contacting Sexton in his home in the middle of the night. This resulted in a brief altercation, and the suspect fleeing. In this case, the suspect was known to the homeowner, and nothing was taken from the residence.

Andrew Sexton was arrested and transported to the Inyo County Jail on the following charges: Penal Code Section 459 – Burglary; Penal Code Section 1203.2 – Violation of Probation, and Health & Safety Code Section 11359(B) – Possession of over 28.5g of marijuana.

In an unrelated case; Bishop Police was notified of a two vehicle traffic collision in the area of the 200 block of See Vee Lane. California Highway Patrol, Symons Ambulance and Bishop Fire personnel responded and were unable to locate any involved parties after all had left the scene. CHP Officers located one of the involved vehicles near the 2200 North Sierra Highway, and the male driver had been injured.

It was determined that the accident had occurred on Home Street and Bishop Police Officers were notified and arrived on scene. Through their investigation, it was learned that both drivers were involved in an ongoing domestic disturbance, and one subject was chasing the other throughout the area when the collision occurred. It was determined that the male driver caused his vehicle to make contact with the female’s vehicle, causing himself injuries. The male driver also threw an item from his vehicle at the victim’s vehicle, causing damage.

Both individuals had been involved in a physical altercation before the collision, and the female received injuries. Two juveniles were in the vehicle with the victim but were not harmed.

Benjamin Cory Allen, age 37 of Bishop was arrested after receiving medical treatment for his injuries. Allen was transported to the Inyo County Jail on the following charges: Penal Code Section 273.5 – Domestic Battery; Penal Code Section 273a(A) – Child Endangerment; Penal Code Section 245(A)(1) – Assault with a Deadly Weapon; Penal Code Section 594(b)(1) – Vandalism; Penal Code Section 236 – False Imprisonment with Violence and Vehicle Code Section 23110(B) Throwing an Item at Vehicle with the Intent o Cause Great Bodily Injury.

In a separate incident, Bishop Police made contact with a known male probationer late at night after it was believed he was seen by an officer urinating in public. The probationer was searched as per his terms and he was found to be in possession of methamphetamine.

Shane Allen Ensor, age 39 of Bishop, was subsequently arrested and transported to the Inyo County Jail on the following charges: Penal Code Section 1203.2 – Violation of Probation, 2 counts; and Health and Safety Code Section 11377(a) – Possession of a Controlled Substance.


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5 years ago

Funny for all the charges against Allen and the huge bail amount he was out the very next day free as a bird!! ??

David Dennison
David Dennison
5 years ago

Kinda glad to see that last guy listed there,the one peeing in public,made his way north and outa my town..kind of a creepy guy….sad to see maybe Bishop’s problem now,but glad to see he’s apparently “moved on ” from Southern Inyo.

5 years ago

There seems to be more than a few individuals who end up on the ICSO Rims website so often that they are recognizable when you see them around town, not only by facial recognition but their names and offenses as well, so sad. Drugs will end you and take away… Read more »