Press release

The Goodale Fire was detected on July 24th. It appears to be a lightning-caused fire, although the fire cause remains under investigation. It is approximately ¼ acre in size and is burning in the John Muir Wilderness west of the Goodale Campground and Aberdeen.

Courtesy of USFS

Smoke may be visible along the Highway 395 corridor between Big Pine and Independence, especially in the afternoon. Please do not report this fire.  

The fire is burning is a mixture of chinquapin, sage, and Jeffrey pine at 9,800 ft. The fire shows minimal activity in the morning and low to moderate fire behavior (creeping, smoldering) in the mid to late afternoon as conditions get warmer and drier. There is currently no threat to life or property.

Fire crews are monitoring the fire and will use nearby natural barriers and Minimum Impact Suppression Tactics (MIST) to contain this fire. Crews are primarily focused on eastern flank to prevent the fire’s spread down canyon into the Owens Valley.

The forest is also taking advantage of the high elevation fire and wet conditions after this year’s significant winter to restore fire to this fire adapted ecosystem. Fire reduces fuels, creates natural fuel breaks that limit the size and intensity of subsequent fires, and causes nutrient recycling and plant regeneration that leads to greater biodiversity on the forest. Fire would have occurred in the Jeffrey pine forest every 10-15 years, although higher elevation areas likely saw fire less frequently.