Increased coyote activity reported by Mammoth Lakes residents. We have received three calls from locals who said that a pack of four or five coyotes had ventured into their yards, threatening pets.coyotes.jpg

We checked with Steve Searles, who has managed coyotes in town over the years. He too has received phone calls about coyotes, some of them reports of the animals seen in daylight.

Searles said shooting coyotes indiscriminately can backfire, causing females to breed more pups. He said the Alpha male of the pack has to be removed.

Searles said that the pack size of coyotes is cyclical and this looks like a big year. He said cats, dogs and people need to be monitored and managed in relation to the coyotes. Over the years, Searles has removed a number of Alpha male coyotes. He said this removal deflates the pack and, in his experience, they tend to disband.

We placed a call to the Department of Fish and Game on Tuesday for their response. We have not heard back.

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