So I was thinking I ought to actually sit down and blog again, and I spotthe story about the Ventura wildfire that was sparked by “spontaneouscombustion of manure” and wondered whether if it is really worth the risk.

Ithink we can all relate to the plight of Plaxico Burress, the former NewYork Giant diva/receiver who was sentenced to two years in prison forattempted criminal possession of a weapon (side note: Do lawyers just make this stuff up?) in a Manhattan nightclub.

Hold it, upon further review, perhaps I can’t relate, man: 1) I most likely couldn’t even gain admittance to a Manhattan nightclub. 2) I holster all my weapons, machete included. 3) My posse would have had my back.

A Furthur review: The Phil Lesh-Bob Weir band rocked the Fox Theatre inOakland by most accounts last weekend. “Sugar Magnolia” closed Sunday’ssecond set. “She’s my summer love in the spring, fall and winter, she canmake happy, any man alive.” No mention of autumn.

I thought the whole Census 2010 was a joke/waste of time until I had itexplained to me today. Apparently, our counties will receive funding basedon Census 2010. So, if, say, 100 people somehow don’t get counted, Inyoand Mono counties could lose out on untold thousands and possibly millionsof dollars in federal and state (that last word is where you might laughout loud) funding.

Oh, and this includes illegals, too.

Bobbo, tsk, tsk. Waste of time? Joke? I’m not very bright, but this seemsso FUBAR that I’m going to get counted twice in Census 2010, just in case. Couldn’t hurt.

I’m walking along a canal today, Taz-bo and his tongue chasing smells. It occurs to methat the Southern California Angels of Orange County winning the World Series in memory of Nick Adenhart would be the most bittersweet sportschampionship in recent times. I quickly realize weeping on the canal isnot a good look.

But, to quote the Big Lebowski,”Strong men also cry.”

As I’m sure Plaxico Burress is proving this very moment.

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