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Eastern Sierra News for June 21, 2024





Toward the end of a long Mammoth Town Council meeting Wednesday night, the council approved a series of contracts that will lead to actual construction at the Mammoth Airport.

Mammoth Officials have said that the recent lawsuit over development at the airport that resulted in a $30 million settlement against the town would not affect the plan to get commercial air service to the Mammoth airport in December of this year.

In front of a crowd that had sat though a particularly dull discussion of district planning just to hear the council say that the airport was really going forward, the council approved hiring a contractor for the $1.8 million dollar remodel on the terminal building. The contract for the $6 million runway upgrade went through as well.

The construction at the airport is slated to close the facility for the summer. The contracts were an important step towards air service in December. Other big steps remain. With no comments on the Final Environmental Impact Statement turned in by the deadline, Assistant Town Manager Karen Johnston explained that the FAA could give the project the official go ahead with a record of decision on May 19th.