Consultant estimates Bishop’s retail sales lost to out of town purchases at $150 milliion

According to The Retail Coach firm, the Bishop area loses almost $150 million in retail sales every year from hardware to new and used cars, groceries to clothing and electronics. The Retail Gap Analysis uses a proprietary model that estimates retail spending potential and actual spending. Their study estimates potential sales at over $300 million with “leakage” of almost half of that to out of town sales.

The Bishop City Council had earlier hired the Retail Coach to find out how much money the Bishop area loses every year because residents shop out of town. The report compiled by Retail Coach officials estimates that the Bishop area loses more than $7 million a year in hardware sales, nearly $2 million in nursery and garden sales, some $10 million in groceries, and more than $27 million in new and used car sales.

Representatives of Retail Coach are in town this week to discuss their findings, Bishop’s buying habits and ways to improve local sales.

You can hear this discussion at two public meetings. Monday night, as part of the regular Bishop City Council meeting, Retail Coach officials will speak. That meeting starts at 7pm at City Hall.

Tuesday evening, another meeting will take place from 4pm to 5:30pm at Whiskey Creek’s Banquet Room. You can check out the Retail Gap Analysis document prepared by The Retail Coach by going to the City of Bishop website, and click the link under “Current Items”.



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