Conservative Management Leads to Reduction in Lay-Offs

Possible lay-offs at Mammoth Unified School District have gone from five to one. At a Special Meeting on Thursday night, Superintendent Frank Romero explained that due to some fancy footwork, he and MUSDs Business Manager Jim Maxey have been able to get rid of a potential $300,000 deficit that had been looming over the district because of the state of the economy.

I had called the community here this evening to help prioritize reductions, but it looks like we are out of the woods for this year and next year, Romero explained, citing Maxeys conservative budgeting skills as the reason for the good news.

The deficit will be recaptured by monitoring expenditures and revenue postings, creating a retirement incentive package, drawing down from 8 percent to 5 percent on the reserve, and making frequent conservative fiscal projections, according to Romero.

Following Romeros announcement, the MUSD Board was able to rescind a resolution they had recently passed that would have reduced certificated staff by five full-time equivalents, or FTEs. Instead, there will only be the need to reduce one FTE. This need arises from the state reducing money for ninth grade class size reduction, therefore leaving the district without a way to fund the position. The cut will be made in the English department.

The other four FTEs will be kept on because of four retirements taking place. Basically the four retirees will head out, and the four FTEs will fill in the empty spots. The district will not be hiring anyone new.

Relief filled the Mammoth High School library after Romeros announcement, and many parents got up to thank the Board, Romero and Maxey for being fiscally responsible and putting the education of Mammoths children at the forefront.

Romero did point out, however, that the May 19 Special Election could rock the boat again if Props 1A, 1B and 1C are not passed.

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