Congress Talks but No Action on Gas Prices

While Congress talks and talks about record high gas prices, the costs go up and up. National news reports now say that gas prices are expected to keep up their record rise, soaring well past $4 a gallon in some areas.gas_prices_-_mammoth_11-17.jpg

In the Eastern Sierra, gas has definitely soared past $4 per gallon of regular in Mammoth Lakes where the price last tipped in at $4.39 per gallon. In Bishop and the Owens Valley, prices range from a low of $3.96 to a high of $4.13.

These figures add up to bigger monthly travel expenses for the many employees who have to go from one Eastern Sierra town to another. It's also added up to lots higher food prices or anything else that involves truck transport.

Congressional leaders heard testimony from truckers, consumer advocates and energy industry analysts last week. Financial analysts have predicted that oil could rise as high as $200 per barrel over the next six months to two years. Department of Energy spokesmen said they expect gas prices this summer to soar higher than originally forecast. Congress has announced no plan to control prices.

Reports do say that truckers, gas station owners and even refiners have lost money lately because of the high fuel prices.

The Auto Club's latest report says that the statewide cost for a gallon of regular gasoline has seen a 22 cent per gallon increase since April. The Auto Club calls this a new era for consumers with the fact that Californians are paying 50 cents more for a gallon of gas than we did a year ago.


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