Mammoth Lakes Library

Mammoth Lakes Library adjusts to deal with Covid-19 surge and safeguard staff and substitutes

A following is a message from Christopher Platt, Library Director for the Mono County Free Library to the Mammoth Lake Friends of the Library:

I wanted to make sure you’re informed:  Starting tomorrow, Saturday the (Dec.) 19th, the libraries will revert to the Call Ahead for Pickup Service we had in the Spring and not allow patrons inside our facilities.  We will review this change in the beginning of January and regular points after to understand when we can open the facilities to patrons again.

A driver for this change is staffing: We have had multiple staff have to quarantine in recent weeks, including 2 who tested positive (doing fine).   This puts pressure on being able to keep our facilities open because our substitute pool is limited. Many subs are in at at-risk category and do not feel comfortable covering in a public space and I do not think it prudent to ask less experienced substitutes to have to manage a public space during a pandemic (ensuring mask wearing, cleaning, etc.).  As it is, we have had many instances in Mammoth in recent weeks when only a single person was on staff (including me, today).

This issue coupled with the extremely sobering information on case counts from the County yesterday is forcing this decision.  It is a decision some other libraries across the state are doing as well.   Hopefully, we’ll be able to relax it again soon.

We will continue to promote our online resources, Maker kits, and are looking at creating book bundles for kids to pick up to support our January Winter Reading Challenge which will move forward.

Please let me know if you have any questions and know we genuinely appreciate your support. – Christopher Platt, Library Director

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