monocourthouse2008Mono District Attorney Tim Kendall has confirmed that a complaint was filed with his office against a Mono Sheriff’s deputy. Kendall said his office has opened an investigation which he hopes to conclude within the next couple of weeks. He said he could not further comment at this time.

Tribal Chairman of the Bridgeport Indian Colony, John Glazier, also confirmed a complaint. When asked if a member of his tribe had filed a complaint against a Mono deputy for assault, Glazier said, “Yes.”

Glazier declined to say much more. He just said there was “an incident.” Glazier alleges that the tribe “has a history with this deputy.” He also said that a complaint was filed with the DA, the Sheriff’s Department and the Board of Supervisors.

Glazier indicated that the tribal member involved is a minor. He also said that the tribe is “making contacts outside of the State with other governmental agencies.”

Asked if his Department would investigate this complaint, Mono Sheriff Ralph Obenberger said, “Yes, we investigate any complaints we receive.”

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