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Eastern Sierra News for June 15, 2024





After the issues faced with the short-lived tenure of Bishop Unified School District
Superintendent Jon Ray, Inyo County’s Office of Education is giving it another try. This time with
a lot of community input.

Barry Simpson, superintendent of the County office, held a community meeting to cover
the process. Fewer than 10 people attended the meeting.

The County office sent out questionnaires to 12,000 district residents and got 183
responses back. The result indicated those 183 wanted an honest/ethical superintendent with
strong listening and communication skills. What they don’t want is an assertive, self-reliant risk-

The future superintendent skill set should include public relations, human resource and
budget development management and curriculum development and evaluation. While there
was some desire to promote from within, the new superintendent has to be willing to
understand the community and its needs.

Simpson said the position has been posted and the office is already receiving
applications. Those apps will be reviewed by three panels with community members on all
three. The list will be pared down to three applicants with site visits schedules at those
applicants’ previous or current schools. That strategy will help determine the right candidate.

The final choice should be announced at the school board’s April meeting.