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The Committee for Economic Health, a group of concerned business owners and managers, has endorsed three of the TOML Council candidates. Dion Agee, Chair of the Committee for Economic Health announced that they were endorsing Betsy Truax, John Wentworth and Chris Bubser for the 3 open seats.

“We are lucky that we have 6 individuals that are willing put themselves before the voters of Mammoth Lakes, however we felt three of the six really understood the economic issues facing the town” stated Agee, “We feel Betsy, John and Chris have a firm grasp of the issues facing Mammoth Lakes.”

“The committee respects all 6 that are running but felt that providing our top three candidates was important.” Explained Agee. “This is an important election for the future of Mammoth Lakes!”

The Committee for Economic Health was formed in 2022 by 14 local business professionals, in consultation with numerous other community members, for the purpose of bringing support for Town Council candidates that the group believes will make the best decisions for the economic health of our community. 

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