Commercial Burglary Suspect Arrested in Mammoth Lakes

Fast work by Mammoth Police led to the arrest of a local man who officers say is responsible for two business burglaries over the week-end.

Mammoth Police said that Sunday morning they responded to Roberto’s Restaurant for a burglary investigation. An employee


Eduardo Navarro, 22, burglary suspect

who opened saw cash registers open and other evidence of a break-in.

Shortly after that, an employee of Grumpy’s restaurant discovered a burglary there too. Police determined the same suspect had likely committed both crimes. An expensive mountain bike which belonged to a Grumpy’s employee was taken. Officers said they viewed surveillance video from Grumpy’s and saw the suspect. One of Grumpy’s employees recognized the suspect, according to officers, as a local man known as Chito.

Police determined that Chito’s name was Eduardo Barrios Navarro, age 22. Police said they obtained additional evidence that tied Navarro to both crimes. They got a search warrant for Navarro’s home and arrested him for both burglaries. Police said that Navarro confessed to both crimes and all of the stolen property was recovered. Navarro was booked for commercial burglary with bail of $50,000.

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