Closed Session with Police Chief

In Mammoth Lakes, questions about behaviors in the Mammoth Police Department continue to stir unrest among officials and the public. A special meeting of the Town Council Wednesday includes a closed session in which it is believed the police issue will be discussed.mltc_5-20-09

When asked if Police Chief Randy Schienle would sit down with the Council in closed session, Town Manager Rob Clark said all he could say is that the agenda shows a closed session to consider the evaluation of the Town Manager.

Sources who spoke on condition of anonymity said that this session would include the police chief. Will the public ever know what takes place in that session? The agenda does say the Council will announce any actions taken in the session which are required to be disclosed.

It is known that Mayor Pro Tem Neil McCarroll and Councilman John Eastman asked that the police issues be discussed in a closed session. McCarroll indicated this would take place on June 24th.

Police Chief Schienle confirmed that he would meet in closed session with the Town Council. Chief Schienle said he rquested a meeting with the Council. ‘I’m hoping to ask pointed questions,” said Schienle, “on what’s on their minds after the prsentation by me.”

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