Climate Symposium Will Reveal Impacts Here

From the reported extinction of polar bears to melting glaciers and disappearing species – climate change sits high on the media agenda these days, not to mention political and even religious debates. Locally, you can find out a lot more about climate change and the Eastern Sierra at a special conference in November. You need to sign up now.

The White Mountain Research Station sponsors this year’s event. Officials there point to increases in greenhouse emissions and other factors that have prompted climate change on a scale unknown in recorded human history. Scientists say that wildland ecosystems like our area will see direct and indirect effects and changes.

Dr. Dan Cayan, climatologist from Scripps Institute heads up a list of scientific speakers. He has personally engaged in research about global warming and the Eastern Sierra. Many see the need to understand climate change here since these changes can also impact our lives, economy, ski area and general outdoors.

The symposium takes place November 5th-8th in Bishop. You will learn about current research and thinking. To register, go to and print out the registration form. Or call John Smiley at 873-4344, extension 24.

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