Another issue for the future of our mountainous region – what will climate change do? A reminder that a major climate conference will unfold in the Eastern Sierra in November, but registration is underway now.

The University of CA White Mountain Research Station, Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Lab, USFS and National Park Service along with the Consortium for Integrated Climate Research will present Climate, Ecosystems and Resources of Eastern California. The four-day conference will take place at the Tri County Fairgrounds November 5th.

It’s all about climate change here and how these changes may impact our land and all life forms. Dr. Dan Cayan of Scripps Institute has studied, with others, the climate of Inyo-Mono, its changes and what is likely to happen in the future. Dr. Cayan’s preliminary findings show a gradual temperature increase which would cause more rapid run-off, more rain than snow and relocation of several species.

The scientists organizing this event say that increases in greenhouse emissions and other factors are bringing about climate change on a scale unknown in recorded human history. They also say that climate change has impacted wildland ecosystems.

If you want to sign up for this conference, go to the White Mountain Research Station website –, go to the link, conference.

Or, call John Smiley at 873-4344, extension 24.

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