Clean air projects exceed funds

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As part of an agreement to clean up dust, DWP provided $5 million for clean air projects.

Bishop, CA – In another sign of the depressed economic and increased environmental awareness times, the Clean Air Projects Program recently announced that it received 49 proposals requesting $16.5 million in funding for ‘clean air projects’ throughout the Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District, with includes Alpine, Inyo and Mono Counties.

With a budget of $5 million, CAPP administration and the Air District’s proposal review committee undeniably have their work cut out as they cull a majority of the requests and select the best of the proposal crop. “The competition is fierce,” noted Lisa Isaacs, CAPP Administrator, in a letter dated February 25. “Given the large numbers all the way around, most will not be selected,” she wrote matter-of-factly to all applicants.

Proposals were due by February 15 and all are now undergoing initial reviews. Final evaluations and project approvals will take place by mid spring.

CAPP funding was provided to Great Basin by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, and the funds are designated to pay for clean air projects within the District, emphasizing projects within and surrounding the Owens Lake area. ‘Clean air projects’ are defined as projects that will or could measurably reduce targeted air pollutants, including smoke, dust, and other harmful airborne compounds currently emitted within the Air District’s boundaries.

According to Air Pollution Control Officer Ted Schade, “The CAPP projects will reduce air pollution from sources in our communities that traditionally do not receive funding, even though they impact our health. Although most of the funded projects will be those that provide the largest amount of air pollution reduction per dollar spent, we realize that there are other projects, such as educational efforts, that are investments in the future. Great Basin appreciates the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s funding for the program and we are excited about the CAPP’s benefits to our health and environment.”

For more information about the Clean Air Projects Program, go to or call 760-914-0388.

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9 years ago

Watched KSRW channel 33 tonight, the story on the LADWP appeal was sickening. They filed an appeal to the court claiming the cost of attorneys would cost them irreparable damage. I have to admit that LADWP knows about irreparable damage, look at what they have done to the Owens Valley and are continuing to do to the area with their irresponsible ground water pumping.

9 years ago

The DWP is guilty of crimes against nature, the unlawful killing of the Owens Valley for profit and greed. I think it is time for a new trial in a new court, where justice and righteousness rings true. It is time to not only rewater the lake but the entire Owens Valley. It is time to give nature her just or equitable due.